Monday, 28 July 2014

Daily Outfits // Seven Holiday Outfits

During my relaxed family holiday, I wanted to document my outfits. After taking inspiration from Anna // Vivianna Does Makeup's A Week In Outfits, I decided to take some quick mirror snaps to show you what I wore on 7/14 of the days we were in Anglesey, Wales. Apologies for them not being full length, but to my horror there were no full length mirrors in the house! I wore either my black or white sandals with each of these outfits, though, just so you know.

Outfit One: Crop top // Primark, Disco pants // Topshop, Necklace // Kukee, Watch // eBay
Outfit Two: Cami // Forever 21, Skirt // H&M, Bandeau (underneath) // New Look, Necklace // Kukee

Outfit Three: Dress // SheInside, Denim jacket // New Look, Watch // eBay
Outfit Four: Crop top // Primark, Disco pants // Topshop, Cardigan // Zara, Necklace // Kukee, Watch // eBay

Outfit Five: Cami // Forever 21, Shorts // Primark, Denim jacket // New Look, Necklace // Kukee
Outfit Six: Playsuit // Choies, Denim Jacket // New Look, Necklace // Accessorize
Outfit Seven: Crop top // H&M, Skirt // Forever 21, Necklace // Kukee

Yeah, I like my denim jacket way too much. I know, I know. These were my "nice" outfits of the holiday - the rest were either pretty unfashionable (for mountain climbing or zip wiring) or consisted of nothing but a hoody and leggings (having lazy days in). It was fun to document these though, and I think I'll give it a shot again, with a more organised approach like VDM's post I mentioned before!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Brand New // World Map Watch

I have never been a watch person. I never liked the look of them when I was younger (let's face it, watches have drastically improved over the years) and didn't see the point of them now that I'm stuck to my phone which, obviously, tells the time. But, when I saw Jamie // J4mieJohnston's post on a world map face watch that she found on eBay, I had to get it.

I actually found a seller from the UK (Jamie bought her's from a seller in China) which was about £2 more expensive (steep, huh?!), but it did arrive a lot faster! I went for the white faux leather strap as I felt it more summer appropriate, but I have a feeling I'll end up picking up the black or brown strap when we enter the darker months. The watch itself actually feels really nice quality, although it scratched easily, as you can see! I personally don't mind this because I scratch pretty much any accessories I wear and it isn't that noticeable, and because it was under £3 after all.

So, if you would like a really pretty watch for super cheap, then head over to eBay! I have been wearing it non-stop since I received it in the post, although I am still in the habit of checking my phone for the time instead of my wrist. Old habits die hard!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

What I've Been Up To // Two Weeks in Wales

Anglesey, to be exact. This month I went on what is probably going to be my last family holiday, which is a little sad! My mum, dad, sister and I headed to Anglesey in Wales for two weeks of relaxation, so here is a photo diary of sorts to document our time!

Around our house for the holiday (that's Snowdonia in the distance!)...

The longest place name in the UK...

South Stacks lighthouse...

Out for a walk...

Chester Zoo...

Crabbing in Baumaris...

Climbing Mount Snowdon! I'm actually writing up a separate post for this as I have so many beautiful photographs, but here is one from the top!

A day in Chester...

Zip wiring over a quarry at 100mph, with dinner later for my mum's birthday...

And our final day, spent again in Baumaris...

The holiday was accompanied by gorgeous weather, a shock for a UK holiday! To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to it too much before we went, but the sunshine made all the difference, and I enjoyed getting to chill and not worry about my blog for two weeks (thank heavens for scheduled posts and tweets!). I hope you liked all of the photos - I got very snap happy as per usual!